Sometimes it's the journey that teaches

you a lot about your destination

- Drake

Welcome to my tiny collection of a few things about ai, cognitive video and digital transformation across several industrie sectors.
since 2017 there is also the occasional post about Blockchain and Decentralization.
Presentations on Cognitive Ai, Holograms and the future of content production
Lection "Wie verändert VR und AR die Contentproduktion der Zukunft?"
May, 17 / 2017 / IRT Kolloquium
About me
I fondly remember growing up using floppy disks and game cartridges and since then remained fascinated with technological innovation & digital business ideas. As a trained technology enterprise sales professional for cloud-based solutions my journey so far touched an own venture and the involvement in some of the most bold transformation projects
across several industries.

Today, I see myself as a well rounded digital strategist who feel at his best working at the intersections of Technology, Business and People.